Antique Table Lamps and Ideas

An antique table lamp is more than just a good way to cheer up the room. The development in glass and bulb technology has fashioned endless possibilities to design an antique table lamp. Table Lamps come in a variety of styles and moods.

Brass Finish Antique Table Lamp
This is nice piece in its own category. Mainly used in office and home decoration.
You can install 50 / 100 / 150 Watt bulb.
This lamp has a classic brass design with lovely finish.

Schonbek's Antique Silver Gold
This master piece costs little high around $800+.
It looks formal yet looks lovely with gold and solver tone. It gives a rich feeling to your bedroom. Very delicate pattern with nice gold border with a solid lead crystal base.

Daylight's Antique Brass Table Top Lamp
It looks very professional. Elegance and Functionality is its specialty.
Very Bright energy saving lamp. It can be used with a 20 or 40Watt bulb.
Only lamp that comes with accessories of its own kind like magnifier, project/task clip, storage tray.
This brass table lamp can be used in many ways and you can position it in three different ways.